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Ristorante Paradiso 03

Thursday, May 21st, 2009

Here’s Rispara 03, an episode where Nicoletta meets some new people, broods over her love for Claudio, and then reveals a shocking secret in a shocking incident that isn’t really shocking because it was in the last episode’s preview. But it’s the principle, okay?

So, what other shocking incidents or secrets are shockingly revealed? Well, for one, there’s that one not-so-shocking not-really-a-secret secret that I can’t reveal to you because it would spoil you, which wouldn’t be very decent of me. Well, it’s not really so much a secret as it is just a normal piece of dialogue, but if we pretend that there’s a shocking secret revealed in a shocking incident in this episode, it’ll make you that much more excited! And if you couldn’t find the shocking secret that is revealed in a shocking incident, then you’d want to try and find it, so you’d watch the episode over and over and over again, dissecting each piece of dialogue. This would hold you over until the next episode is released so you’re not bugging us as to whether we’ve dropped it or not.

But you’d be watching this episode over and over and over again anyway, wouldn’t you?  I mean, gentlemen with glasses.  Oh, what a paradise it is indeed.


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Black Jack 47-48

Thursday, May 21st, 2009

We have two bitter-sweet stories.  In both stories, we see characters dedicating themselves to selfless cause, to help others.  To claim that these are “nice episodes” is moot at this point – have we ever seen an episode of Black Jack that wasn’t nice?  Some are better than others, but they’ve always kept certain quality for the plots.  They deliver it again.

If you are like me, you might want to grab a blanket.  Just like the 9th through 12th episodes of Rescue Wings, it makes me cold just watching the blizzard episode.

Episode 47

Episode 48

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Sengoku Basara 03

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

Here’s Basara 03, an episode where people talk about love, food, and conquering the land. With all the conversations taking place, the underlying theme of “What is true, and what is a lie?” sort of underlies as a theme, but not really. The more important questions are stuff like, “Is it really better to have someone take care of you than you running around stabbing people in the face?” And “Is your wife’s food the best simply because she could probably beat you up if you say otherwise?” The answers to these questions—and more!—will not really be answered in this episode. Why? Well, because it’s only episode 03. If all the questions were answered now, well, that’d make the rest of the series sort of pointless, wouldn’t it?


Episode 01 720p MKV (v3)
Episode 02 720p MKV (v2)
Epidose 03 720p MKV

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Episode 03 480p MP4

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Charady’s Daily Joke 29-39

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

Wham bam! Here’s some more Charady for all you lovely people after a bit of a delay (blame episode 29 with its ridiculous panning). This time round, we have a farmer whose veg keeps going missing, two wine connoisseurs having an epic battle, a woman with a broken zipper, two liberal couples on holiday, a wayward golf shot, a man who makes a fortune from apple selling, and an invention that will change the way women give birth forever. Enjoy!

We are also presenting a batch torrent for all episodes aired in April, plus March 31st, minus episode 12.

p.s. Unfortunately, we had to re-release some of the episodes.  If you were one of the early downloaders of these episodes, 30, 31, 33, 34, and 35 were updated with version 2.

Episodes 29-39 Batch

April 2009 Batch

Patch for #31 and #35 to V3

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Ippo: New Challenger – 19

Saturday, May 16th, 2009

The date for Takamura’s challenge for the WBC world title was announced in episode 14.  It’s been a pretty long journey, but it’s almost there.  This is going to be damn hot.  But Takamura still needs to lose 2 more kilos.  Ippo has his own match before Takamura.    And… uh… what? Coach Kamogawa is fighting too?!


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Eden of the East – 05

Friday, May 15th, 2009

Akira-chan came prepared to kick the ass of any i-phone whores that dared to mock his new phone.  What you see in the background is not from random act of violence or magnitude-7 earthquake.  Do not piss this man off if you want to stay alive.  Better yet, keep your i-phone hidden, leave this man alone, and you will be much better off.


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K-On! 5

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

Over my 3.2 years of junior-high/high school life in Japan, I had 4 different faculty supervisors for the club I belonged to—the wind ensemble club.  Yes, that’s one each year.  Then on some years, we had assistant supervisors too.  And, boy, were they ALL unique.  One was an English teacher, a classical music fanatic, a flutist who liked playing a sopranino recorder better, clumsy talker…  He was a trip.  One was a temporary music teacher, fresh out of conservatory, cared so much about our club—we had most fun with our supervisor that year.  I think we did our best that year too.  One was a Michael Jackson fanatic…  yeah… do I need to say any more about him?  I never met the supervisor in high school.  I don’t even know who our supervisor was.  He just didn’t lead the club.  Everything was ran by students there.  That was quite an experience too…

So, I suppose we had a chance to have a supervisor like Sawako too.  Maybe there’s one out there somewhere, having “fun” with her students right now.


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