*dust off*

^_^ Here we present you with the second show we picked from this spring list. This show caught my attention when first it was announced… because it was Production I.G?!

Some of us in here are Production I.G freaks ^^; 95% of their shows proved to be goood.

*scratch her head*

Honestly, don’t know what to say more than seeing ep1 made me happy that sweet ariato decided to do it ^_^;. Sanada is just awesome!! BASARA is an action, samurai, historical show focused on these 2 heroes of 2 clans. Read more about it in anidb or just watch ep1 and enjoy ^_^. Since it is set sometimes back in time, ariato piled up some historical notes for those interested in reading beyond.


See what would happen if you tried to defy OYAKATASAMA!!!

720p softsub MKV

480p hardsub MP4

XDCC Bot Listing

Again, this is a creditless project but I would like to thank the team working on it and acknowledge their hardwork:

  • Raw Acquisition: `Gaius
  • Translation: ariato *eternal slavery for doing this*
  • Translation Check: Estaron *can’t catch him thou*
  • Timing: Nanne *my hero!*
  • Editing: desolo for ep1, BluWacky taking over
  • Karaoke: pichu *plz make sure to comment on his op/ed* :p
  • Typesetting: ArabianSwan
  • Logo: DeathWolf *love wolfy ^_^*
  • QC: Metro *the best!*, Skr *another IG freak*
  • Encoding: `Gaius for ep1, Nicholi is taking over *huggles both for their gorgeous work*